Union urges govt support for theater workers after mechanical devices ban

Some workers were put out of work after the government announced a short-term 'machineries' clampdown at its performance venues, an industry veteran said.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has temporarily prohibited the use of machinery hanging above a stage for swinging, rotating or carrying performers, in view of a recent Mirror's concert accident.

Chan Wing-yip, the vice president of internal affairs of the Hong Kong Theater Arts Practitioners Union, said on a radio programme that the new measures have seriously affected theater production. He added that some workers are out of work, urging the government to support them.

He further explained that he was confused when these measures were being applied to LCSD venues other than the Hong Kong Coliseum.

He stated that the government should prohibit the company involved in the stage production of MIRROR’s concert from participating in any production during the investigation period.

In response to enquiries about the three short-term measures to protect the safety of performers, staff members and audiences, a spokesman for the LCSD stressed on Tuesday that these are stopgap measures that would only apply to performing venues under the LCSD.