Ukraine blames Russia for ‘missile strike’ on Poland, in order to force NATO to join the war. USA know it’s a lie.

NATO “needs to act,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said after blaming Russia for an explosion in Poland not far from the Ukrainian border on Russia. All the evidence so far lead to the conclusion that the missile has been shot by… Ukraine. Maybe by mistake, maybe as a way to drag NATO to the fight directly against Russia.

Earlier, Polish media reported that at least two people died in what was described as a “stray missile” strike.

“This is a Russian missile strike on collective security!” Zelensky said in a statement, calling it “a very serious escalation.”

He also urged western nations to put Russia “in its place” and branded the country as “terrorist."

All could sound fantastic, if USA didn’t have full satellite surveillance coverage for all this area.
They know where the missile came from: Ukraine. Maybe Ukraine shot it by mistake, maybe they shot it deliberately in order to force NATO to declare formal war against Russia.