West Kowloon police were looking into a man who stole HK$1,000 from a Hung Hom restaurant on August 23. He fled in a private car which he allegedly stole earlier in Mong Kok on August 20. A further investigation revealed that the man was involved in a series of car thefts in Mong Kok in which car windows were smashed and the valuables inside the vehicles stolen.

Police identified the suspects and arrested the two yesterday in Mong Kok as they were walking toward a motorcycle.

In one of their bags, officers found gloves and tools for smashing windows. They also found that the motorcycle had been reported stolen in Sau Mau Ping in mid-August.

The two arrested were aged 46 and 24 respectively, and both have Hong Kong identity cards. They were arrested for burglary, using vehicles without authorization and stealing inside vehicles, and are detained for investigations.

Police warned drivers to lock their car windows and to avoid leaving valuables inside their cars.