The married couple – a 36-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman – were arrested for possession of firearms or ammunition without license in the early morning on Friday.

Officers during the operation seized a P-80 handgun, three magazines, 92 rounds of ammunition, some respirator masks, walkie-talkies, brass knuckles and pocketknives.

After examination officers found the gun to be in good condition and is able to fire a shot.

Steve Li Kwai-wah, senior superintendent of police national security department, recalled that police once seized four guns during the unrest in 2019, which are similar to the one officers seized in this case.

Li said the investigation will focus on the origin of the gun, ammunition and the respirator masks which are military supplies; and the relationship between the firearms in this case and the previous firearms cases.

Officers will also look into whether the gun seized in this case will link to other plans, and if any individual is behind the case.

The couple will be remanded overnight, Li pointed out.

Li said although they only possess one gun, yet grave damage could be caused with over 90 rounds of ammunition. He also said as the respirator masked confiscated in the case are military-grade supplies, officers must find out how come these supplies could infiltrate into the city.

Li on the other hand noted that the article itself cannot break the law and endanger national security, but the real question is how the article will be used.

“Therefore police must find out what they are planning to do with these supplies,” said Li.