Twitter Rolls Out Verified Organizations Feature Worldwide; Know Price, Features

Under the Verified Organizations subscription, the account holders will get a gold checkmark next to their profile name

Twitter has rolled out its “Verified Organizations” feature which allows organisations vetted by the microblogging platform to independently verify accounts affiliated with them. Such accounts will receive an affiliate badge carrying the logo of the organisation they are associated with.

What Is Verified Organizations?

According to Twitter, the Verified Organizations feature “is a new way for organisations and their affiliates to distinguish themselves on Twitter”. It enables all types of businesses, government institutions, and non-profits around the world to manage and verify any account related to them.

The Elon Musk-owned platform said the new feature will ensure that “Rather than relying on Twitter to be the sole arbiter of truth for which accounts should be verified, vetted organisations that sign up for Verified Organizations are in full control of vetting and verifying accounts they're affiliated with”.

Under the Verified Organizations subscription, the account holder will get a gold checkmark next to their profile name. In the case of a business or a non-profit, they will receive a square avatar while governmental or multilateral organisations will get a grey check mark or a circular avatar.

Subscribers of Verified Organizations can also choose to verify on their own any individual or entity affiliated to them. Such affiliated accounts will be given a verification in the form of a blue, gold or grey checkmark along with an affiliate badge, which will be a small image of their parent company's profile picture.

By clicking on the affiliation badge, users will be taken directly to the parent organisation. This, according to Twitter, will make “a great driver of followers from your whole network on Twitter”.

How much does it cost?

In India, the Verified Organizations subscription will cost ₹ 82,300 per month. Organisations buying this plan will have to pay an additional ₹ 4,120 per month for every affiliate seat or the account they chose to give the affiliated badge.