At a ceremony for the admission of four new silks, the chief justice reiterated that judges administer justice strictly according to the law, without fear or favor, self-interest or deceit.

Judicial power is exercised independently, he said, and isn’t subject to any interference.

“Repeated and gratuitous questioning of the Judiciary's independence, whether domestic or from abroad, which is based on nothing but disagreement with court decisions, is damaging to the rule of law and maintenance of public confidence in our courts,” Cheung said.

He said senior counsels, as leaders of the Bar, know how courts actually function, even in the most difficult and controversial cases.

“Senior Counsels bear the responsibility, whenever the opportunity arises, of speaking up for the Judiciary, not only in protecting judicial independence, but also in defense of its local and international reputation as an independent judiciary,” he said.

“This is very much in the public interest and for the good of Hong Kong.”