Thief suspect sure knows how to pick his spot

An off-duty police inspector and male passerby helped catch a pickpocket who stole a purse on the MTR yesterday.

The 33-year-old construction worker has been arrested for theft.

The drama unfolded around 8 am when a woman found her purse missing after getting on the MTR train at Ocean Park station.

When she showed signs of suspicion of the man next to her, he quickly alighted, started running and jumped a turnstile.

By then, a commuter had started chasing after the thief when the woman shouted "catch that thief" while running after him.

When the chase got to near the Hong Kong Police College, an inspector, who was on his way there to sit for an examination, joined them and caught the thief with the assistance of the male commuter.

The thief had thrown the purse away on the road in his attempt to flee his pursuers.

Police received the report at 8.14 am and promptly arrested the 33-year-old, Chan.

Meanwhile, a 46-year-old man was last night still being detained after allegedly attacking a 67-year-old woman with a 30-centimeter beef knife on Monday in Tai Po in an attempted robbery.

The victim, Wong, was passing Tai Po Old Market Playground around 11 am on Monday when the suspect tried to snatch her handbag, which held HK$2,000 in cash that she had just withdrawn from the bank.

Wong managed to hold on to her bag despite being slashed in the hand and fallen after being pushed.

The woman was dragged by the thief, So, and eventually let go of the bag.

So slashed himself on his left arm in the struggle and left a trail that ended with his arrest in a parking lot of Treasure Garden, where he was trying to stem the blood flow.