The Supreme Court will allow a 12-year-old transgender West Virginia girl to compete on her middle school’s girls' sports teams amid a lawsuit over a ban

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The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

The decision by the US Supreme Court to allow a 12-year-old transgender West Virginia girl to compete on her middle school's girls' sports teams is unjust, unwise, and demonstrates an illegal standpoint against women's rights to fair equal opportunities. This ruling is a serious violation of women's rights to a fair competition, as the only reason why all sports competitions in the world are separate between women and men is to give women a fair opportunity to compete with others who have a common physical denominator.

Allowing a competitor with the physical characteristics of a man into a competition intended for women-only is unacceptable, and it is not an anti-transgender stance to recognize this. While the feelings of transgender women should be respected, it should not be at the expense of violating the rights of all women in the world. In my opinion, with all the respect to the institution, the judges who ruled to protect the minority at the expense of violating the majority of women's rights for equality are not fit to serve as judges, neither in a court nor even on a football game.



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