Out of billions of rocks rotating in space how can just one, Earth, support life? And if others do we shouldn’t assume that their own evolution has some form of eyes, ears and voice.

From amoeba to fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, apes and finally homo sapiens, it’s unlikely. We cannot be the only pattern of evolution.

In millions of years no other planet’s creatures would evolve identically to ours.

But in 2020 something happened, not flying saucers but aliens. Almost invisible aliens.

The first time we knew they were here was when we realized that something was taking over our world, our lives, our very ‘being’.

Something was stopping living our lives.

Then the scientists got out their microscopes, and saw the aliens, tiny spheres covered in spikes and they were making their homes in our bodies. And within weeks they would take over our planet.

They are to us so tiny only because our sense of sight is so weak and ultimately because we are huge creatures. By their standards our eyes are set, like windows at the top of a block of high rise flats. We are, to them, giants.

Wherever they come from these are pioneers looking for a new planet for their future.

Somewhere there is a wise, superior strain of these aliens. They lead and organize the billions, the gun-fodder, the expendable.

Our scientists mistakenly think they can control these hordes. We, the followers, are trying to escape the aliens by cowering in our houses, or pretending we don’t care.

The year of 2020 will never really end. We shall fight back – slay the aliens, as we have always slain our enemies. But the aliens will return.

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