The financial summit marks city resumption

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said the three-day lasting global investment summits showed the world that Hong Kong has been back to normal, noting a perspective on further recovery.

In his blog post on Sunday, Chan wrote that the city indicated its unique strength and showed participants a "different image" during the summit. "Some feedback from participants touted their impression of Hong Kong was different from what they have been told."

The Global Financial Leader's Investment Summit, which opened on November 2, has embraced over 200 top financial heavyweights from 120 institutions worldwide.

The three-day summit, held under the control of the epidemic, was seen as an attempt by Hong Kong to reclaim its status as an international financial centre.

In his blog, Chan confirmed the summit would also be held next year as the city is getting back in step with the world and enhancing its role as the platform of the global high-end financial market.

He said that the city saw a hardly optimistic full-year revenue outlook as the GDP growth in the past third quarter of the year marked a figure of negative 4.5 percent.

However, Chan claimed he is still confident in Hong Kong's economic boost, expecting the further recovery of international activities under a more stable epidemic situation.

"Our most urgent task is to promote the external investment and economic drive, as well as to attract enterprises and talents," he said.

"Authority will keep strengthening support on Hong Kong's infrastructure and developing capability awaiting more advanced opportunities when the full recovery of the economy," Chan said.