The tropical storm that devastated parts of the United States has affected conditions across the Atlantic, with the UK being able to see temperatures of up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming days.

The meteorological center says there will be some uncertainty over the tropical weather system, but temperatures will rise from Monday to peak on Wednesday before the weekend cools down.

Also, at the peak of the mini-hotway, most of the country is expected to experience a maximum drop of 86 degrees Fahrenheit across the country.

The effects of Eda come after a mostly disappointing summer across the country.

Despite the heat, there were flash floods in large parts of the UK after heavy rains in July.

Hurricane Ida will not make landfall in Britain, but there will be some thunderstorms related to warming as a result of the hurricane next week.

A hurricane is a small drop in the jet stream that allows low pressure to move closer to the UK, while pulling hot air from the south.

Meteorologist Alex Deek explained that the remnants of Hurricane Ida will attract a lot of heat and rain.

“The system operating from the tropics will push the jet stream north and then it will sink,” he said.’s latest temperature charts indicate that temperatures in the UK could reach 86 degrees Fahrenheit next Wednesday.

Experts warn that even if the heat is hot, the accompanying rain will be “sometimes heavy, with some mixed thunderstorms”.

Hurricane Ida killed at least 45 people in the Northeast — in a historic weather event, including nine in New York City, flash floods that killed civilians in three states and turned rivers into rivers.

Saturday is expected to be dry and bright in most parts of the UK, with light rain in the north in the evening and heading towards Sunday.

The meteorological center said next week that it would be “less stable”: “Temperatures will be higher than average globally, with sunny temperatures sometimes very hot.”

Hurricane Ida continues to wreak havoc in New York