Hui said in the statement that the Department of Justice sent him an email with a notice attached, saying he was charged with four counts of contempt of court and inviting him to appear in the High Court at 10am on January 31, 2022 for his trial.

Three counts of the charges accused Hui of breaching the conditions of bail granted by the court, involving cases related to civil disobedience in the Legislative Council or the social unrest.

The other count of charges accused him of misleading police that he will return to Hong Kong for his trial by providing false information.

Hui in the statement said he openly despises the court without shame as this is how he think of the courts in Hong Kong and the judicial system of the city, providing a detailed explanation of the Chinese word of “despise”.

He also said the national security law is not recognized by Hongkongers and stressed that city is ruled by man instead of being ruled by law.

The prosecution prioritizes the political stand in each case while the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” was gone, so was the jury system, Hui slammed.

The law has become a tool of suppression for the Chinese Community Party and a self-shaming court doesn't deserve any respect from Hongkongers, he continued.

However, the accusation tyranny laid on him cannot harm his freedom of speech and he will continue to speak up for Hongkongers on international level, Hui said.