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Viktor Orban

Hungary's loyalties lie with U.S. and NATO, not China and Russia, Viktor Orban challenger says

Peter Marki-Zay, who is leading the anti-Orban alliance, told Newsweek the next election in Hungary "is really a matter of life or death."

Doctors urge unvaccinated Hungarians to avoid weekend rallies

Hungary's main doctors' association on Friday urged Hungarians not immunised against COVID-19 to stay away from mass rallies this weekend amid a rise in cases across central Europe.

Government committed to protecting utility bill cuts

Hungary's government opposes a tax Brussels wants to impose on home and car owners on the grounds of fighting climate change and is committed to protecting the achievements of its scheme to reduce household utility bills, the prime minister's chief of staff said on Thursday.

EU leaders lambast Poland over its challenge to union

The European Union is facing mounting pressure from its own lawmakers to withhold funds to Poland as an ongoing spat between Warsaw and Brussels intensifies.

Europe's energy crisis: EU 'too reliant on gas', says von der Leyen

The European Commission President said that a speedy transition to clean energy would make the EU less reliant on natural gas imports.

Hungary rate hikes "half-hearted", says Orban aide as cbank meets

Hungary’s central bank faced pressure from the government to hike interest rates more quickly on Tuesday, as it meets to decide its policy response to inflation that has hit a nine-year high.

Hungary's new opposition PM candidate wants stronger ties with EU

Hungary should strengthen ties with the European Union, put its economy on a path to adopting the euro currency and join the European Public Prosecutor's Office to root out corruption, the opposition's joint prime ministerial candidate told Reuters.

Analysis: Central banks and governments in eastern Europe at odds amid inflation

A surge in price growth in eastern Europe has opened a rift between central banks that have launched rate hikes to battle inflation and populist governments trying to defend a strong economic recovery.

Hungarian Government makes $4.6bn takeover bid for Budapest Airport

Talks for the transaction are being led by Hungary’s Innovation and Technology Ministry.

Hungarian opposition voters pick Marki-Zay to challenge Orban in 2022 elections

Conservative mayor Peter Marki-Zay emerged as the winner of Hungary’s historic primary election ahead of Klara Dobrev, who was supported by the leading opposition party Democratic Coalition (DK), amid record turnout.

Outsider Marki-Zay to stand against PM Orban in 2022 after winning run-off

Small-town conservative Peter Marki-Zay, a political outsider with no party affiliation, will go head-to-head with Prime Minister Viktor Orban next year for leadership of Hungary after on Sunday winning an opposition run-off primary.

Outsider Marki-Zay hopes to blunt Orban's attacks in 2022 Hungarian election

Peter Marki-Zay, the small-town mayor who will take on Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Hungary’s 2022 election, figures his conservative, family-man persona will leave nationalist Orban floundering in next year’s vote.

Hungarians to pick Orban's 2022 contender in tight opposition primary

Hungarians will choose between leftist European lawmaker Klara Dobrev and conservative “outsider” Peter Marki-Zay in a primary this weekend to lead an unprecedented joint opposition bid to oust Prime Minister Viktor Orban in 2022 elections.

Hungarian FM: Could Hungary exit the European Union?

Al Jazeera English published this video item, entitled “Hungarian FM: Could Hungary exit the European Union? | Talk to Al Jazeera” – below is their description.

Hungary's Orban hits Czech campaign trail to back PM Babis

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban backed his Czech counterpart Andrej Babis' s re-election bid on Wednesday (29 September), making a display of the close ties between the two central European leaders who have supported each other in disputes with the EU, write Robert Muller and Jan Lopatka.

Hungarian LGBT activist among Time's 100 most influential

An academic and LGBT activist in Hungary is among the word's 100 most influential people, according to Time magazine, for her work on a children's book that set in motion a debate over human rights in the Central European country.

Czech elections give EU a lift in clash of values in Central Europe

Central Europe's right-wing, anti-EU governments are becoming a key battleground in the bloc’s desire to expand and integrate a continent long riven by discord. A victory by pro-EU parties in the Czech Republic lets Brussels breathe a bit easier.

Hungary's government submits revised bid for GIC-backed Budapest Airport

Hungary's government has submitted a revised offer to acquire Budapest Airport from its foreign owners, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Friday, as part of efforts to take back into state hands what Budapest sees as national interests.

Paris, Berlin call on Warsaw to respect EU law as Budapest welcomes 'nuclear' ruling

The dispute over the ruling by Poland's constitutional court that the country's laws have primacy over those of the European Union rumbled on Saturday as Hungary, France and Germany came out in support of different sides.

Hungary’s primary race takes new twist as Budapest mayor announces withdrawal

After losing out in the first round of the primaries to frontrunner Klara Dobrev, Budapest’s liberal mayor Gergely Karacsony has announced his withdrawal from the race to support outsider, conservative small-town mayor Peter Marki-Zay on October 8, according to local media.

Budapest mayor pulls out of opposition primary race

The mayor of Hungary’s capital on Friday announced he would withdraw from a primary contest which will choose a joint opposition nominee to challenge right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban, ending his candidacy in a race in which he was once considered the frontrunner.

Hungarian opposition’s primary run-off tainted by rows and backroom deals

Hungarian opposition parties are facing a major crisis in the midst of their historic primary election to decide who will be the leader of their joint ticket against Prime Minister Viktor Orban's radical rightwing Fidesz party in spring 2022.

It's 'Orban or Europe' in 2022 election, Hungary opposition frontrunner says

The leading candidate to spearhead the opposition challenge to Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Hungary's parliamentary elections said on Wednesday the contest would be about "Orban or Europe", with Hungary's access to European Union funds at stake.

Opposition mayors Karacsony, Marki-Zay join forces in primary to take on Hungary PM Orban

Budapest mayor Gergely Karacsony and Peter Marki-Zay, in a bid to unseat Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban next year, joined forces for the second round of opposition primaries, they announced at a joint news conference on Monday.