The Hospital Authority announced on Wednesday afternoon that during the earlier typhoon and rainstorm, settlement exceeding the pre-set trigger level for works suspension of 25mm was recorded at four of the monitoring checkpoints installed within the works site.

A spokesman of the Hospital Authority said the HA and its project team immediately requested the contractor to suspend all relevant foundation works and carry out a comprehensive overall review.

“The HA has notified relevant government departments on the same day, including the Highways Department and the Architectural Services Department which commissioned the HA for the works, and subsequently the relevant departments managing the neighboring buildings and public facilities,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman also said the HA and its project team immediately arranged inspection at the worksite, as well as nearby structures and public facilities, including Hong Kong Children's Hospital and the Kwun Tong Bypass upon receiving the report.

“Based on the latest monitoring data, only minor settlement well below the pre-set safety level was recorded at all public facilities in the vicinity of the said site. The contractor's independent assessment consultant has conducted further inspection and assessment, confirming that the relevant facilities are still structurally and operationally safe in due course.”

Meanwhile, the HA said it has arranged the contractor to carry out strengthening works, including the improvement of geological condition of the adjacent area by grouting, and the settlement has now been stabilized.