Sports Illustrated Goes AI: Say Goodbye to Original Writing and Hello to Algorithm-Generated content

The parent company of Sports Illustrated is ready to take the leap into the future by partnering with two AI companies, Jasper and Nota. With this move, the Arena Group aims to bring their magazines, SI, Parade, and Men's Journal, to new heights with the help of "strategic development partnerships."

But wait, won't AI replace human writers and editors? Not according to CEO Ross Levinsohn, who says AI will only "create enterprise value" and "reach consumers in new ways."

Here's the catch, the Arena Group plans to use AI to "rapidly identify trending topics and relevant proprietary archival content and photos" for their articles. Basically, an algorithm will tell human and AI writers what to write about.

The company promises to "streamline workflows," but let's be real, this is just a fancy way of saying they're buying automation software that might break more than it fixes.

So, on a scale from boring to buzz-worthy, this announcement is more on the boring side. Despite their promises, AI will indeed be taking over some of the human content-creation process.

But hey, at least they're embracing the future!