Speed boat on fire in Sai Kung with two illegal immigrants arrested and one died

The Marine Police arrested two illegal immigrants and found one died from a speed boat explosion on Tuesday in Sai Kung.

The force revealed that they received a report yesterday morning from a boatman saying two men were floating in the water near Tung Lung Chau in Sai Kung.

Officers rushed to the scene and rescued the two who claimed they had jumped from their speed boat with another colleague as it was on fire.

The government's flying service then sent a crew to search the involved water area near Waglan Island but only to find the wreck of the speed boat.

Later at 4pm yesterday, firefighters found the left one floating in the water next to Cape D'Aguilar, who was confirmed dead.

The two arrested were surnamed Zeng and Liang, 39 and 29, respectively. The man who died was surnamed Wu and aged 43. The three were confirmed to be illegal immigrants coming from China.

The case is now under further investigation by the force, and the pair were in custody on suspicion of illegal immigration.