HKEAA said as of noon today, they have received two applications for having the DSE exams in the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center on Lantau Island.

The exam will begin this Friday, and the two will sit the exams in the quarantine center on Friday and from April 26 to 30.

HKEAA reminded students that they should send a paper-form application and relevant documents as proof at least 3 working days before the exam, if they wish to take it in the quarantine center

A sanitized individual room in the center will be arranged for each student. Those rooms originally served as normal bedrooms and now include desk and chairs for students to take the DSE.

Video recording system is set up in each room to record the whole proceedings, and students must stay inside the shot while taking the exams. Invigilator will monitor the situation outside the room.

Special note cards are prepared for candidates to inform the invigilator if they need help or need to go to the toilet.

When the candidates finished the exam they should put the paper, barcode labels and other materials inside a plastic bag, which will then be sanitized for marking.