Sneaky gold heist sees woman escape after breaking necklace

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Police are now searching for a middle aged woman who stole gold accessories worth about HK$4,000 from a Yau Tong jewelry shop on Tuesday afternoon, while her male partner was arrested by police.

The woman was aged about 30 and stood at about 1.6 meters tall. She was slim and was wearing a pink top, black pants and carrying a khaki bag at the time.

The theft occurred about around 12.18pm at the jewelry shop located in Domain Mall in Yau Tong.

The two were trying on a gold necklace worth HK$15,000 and broke it into two parts while the staffer was not paying attention. They then grabbed the smaller part that was worth about HK$4,000 and fled.

The staffer successfully stopped the 54-year-old man surnamed Chan but the woman got away.

Chan was taken to a police station and the case was listed as a theft.