Sixteen arrested for illegal racing as police seize sports cars including Lamborghini

Sixteen men were arrested Tuesday on charges including illegal racing over four races last year that involved eight sports cars, including a Lamborghini and a Porsche. 

The arrestees, aged 23 to 44, were reportedly businesspeople, technicians, and designers. Thirteen of them will appear in the Fanling Court Wednesday afternoon after they were charged with illegal racing, abetting others to race, and driving without third-party insurance. 

The other three were released on bail and must report to the police in late February. 

Police from the New Territories North headquarters traffic unit said they established an anti-illegal racing task force alongside officers from the crime squad and detected four illegal racing cases between November and December last year with technology support. 

The cases involved 14 motorcycles and private cars, including four sports cars with up to 700 horsepower at full speed. 

Police said the vehicles traveled between Kam Tin and Tai Mo Shan a great number of times. These vehicles also occasionally crossed the double white line, chased after one another, and even drove in reverse direction, endangering the lives of other road users. 

The four sports cars were also found running at 160 km/h on Yuen Long Highway limited to 80 km/h when heading towards Tuen Mun. 

Police, during Tuesday's operation, seized eight private cars and five motorcycles, arrestees' phones, and the clothes they were wearing. 

Police said they are still investigating if there are any other races organized by the arrestees and if the vehicles have been modified. 

The officer also slammed the drivers for being ruthless and stressed they would step up law enforcement to combat illegal races during the Chinese New Year holidays.