Sino Group is dedicated to sustainability as it meets its corporate goal of "Creating Better Lifescapes”

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In fulfilling its mission of building thriving communities, Sino Group has, for more than half a century, been led by its guiding principles of embracing green living and wellness, pursuing meaningful design and seeking innovation while respecting heritage and culture.

Sustainability lies at the core of this mission with its overall sustainability strategy management overseen by the Board of Directors and regular updates from the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Steering Committee.

To set a clear direction for sustainability throughout its cross-functional operations, the Group has adopted the Sustainability Vision 2030 (SV 2030) that maps its sustainability course for 2030 and beyond. With some of the goals actually achieved ahead of schedule in 2022, a further 15 new goals have been added, bringing the total number to 38.

The Group’s sterling efforts over the years for a greener future have been widely recognised as reflected in a list of over 100 accolades, including Regional Top-rated ESG Performer by Sustainalytics and an ‘A’ rating in the MSCI ESG Indices.

On par with international best practises, Sino Group is the first developer in Hong Kong to implement the Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics advocated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the International Business Council to enhance the credibility and transparency of its ESG disclosures.

The Group also aligns sustainable building practices with leading local and global standards and certifications, including BEAM Plus and the WELL Building Standard™.

Going forward, Sino Group is set to deploy innovative solutions and take further steps towards three areas: decarbonisation, promoting a circular economy and urban biodiversity.

Decarbonisation to reduce greenhouse gas

In 2021, the Group announced its commitment to achieving net zero carbon by 2050. After a year of research with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to set science-based targets, the Group took this commitment to the next level with the Decarbonisation Blueprint which outlines long-term strategies and approaches to carbon reduction.

Its decarbonisation strategies focus on three areas: Development, Operations and Collaboration. Interim targets include the reduction of Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions per square metre by 53.1% from the 2018 baseline and set a new target to reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions in line with SBTi methodology by 2030.

Other interim targets cover a broad area, including reducing electricity use intensity by 30% from the 2018 baseline; conducting climate risk assessments at Sino Land’s wholly-owned new development projects; and obtaining BEAM Plus Gold or above certification at all of Sino Land’s wholly-owned new development projects.

Let’s Go Circular with less waste

“Go Circular” is Sino Group’s circular economy platform that addresses waste issues and transforms waste into new opportunities. Giving a second life to unwanted materials, it includes upcycling disposable wastes into furniture; transforming textiles such as towels, bed sheets and uniforms into a new generation of building material; and turning food waste into renewable energy.

Building a greener future brick by brick, Sino Group is a strong backer of local start-up EcoBricks Limited to kick off a breakthrough solution on plastic waste by upcycling plastics into sustainable construction materials.

EcoBricks made its debut by paving the Gold Coast Piazza in Tuen Mun. Over 15,000 EcoBricks were used, upcycled from the plastic from over 560 old washing machines, equivalent to 5,400 kg of plastic waste. EcoBricks has been used in other Sino properties including Olympian City and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong.

Apart from working with green partners, Go Circular also involves colleagues to come up with innovative recycling solutions in the workplace, while mall tenants, shoppers and the community take part in fun-filled recycling workshops and events.

Urban biodiversity on land and sea

Fully aware of the importance of protecting the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, Sino Group integrates biodiversity considerations into all aspects of its operations.

Highlights of the Group’s biodiversity efforts include CORAL REEFStoration, Hong Kong’s first cross-sector collaborative project to rehabilitate local coral reef habitats in Hong Kong’s southern waters.

In this project, Sino Group teams up with the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation, Ocean Park Corporation, archiREEF Limited, and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong.

Primary and secondary school students are also invited to be ambassadors, aptly named ‘Coral Reefstorators’, through a series of action-packed activities such as snorkeling and hands-on coral husbandry experiences to gain in-depth knowledge of coral conservation.

Another highlight is Farm Together, the Group’s integrated green community project to plant the seeds for sustainability and draw the community closer to nature. The project involves green groups and disadvantaged and youth groups to promote both urban farming and social inclusion.

Comprising 19 farms in Hong Kong and one in Singapore, Farm Together breathes new life into the Group’s properties located in Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences, the first vertical garden at Citywalk in Tsuen Wan, Skyline Tower in Kowloon Bay, and the pioneering organic farm at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel.

Taking on the role of urban farmers, Sino Group’s colleagues, tenants, hotel guests and the wider community can all enjoy the wonders of nature and the fruits of their labor.