Also, the stay-home notice period for travellers from Hong Kong will be reduced from 14 days to seven days, and can be served at their place of residence "if suitable,'' Singapore's Ministry of Health said.

These changes will be in force from Thursday at 11:59pm.

“Given the worsening situation in India, and emergence of new virus variants, we will tighten border measures for travellers from India by reducing entry approvals for non-Singapore citizens or permanent residents, and subjecting all travellers arriving from India to an additional seven-day stay home notice at their place of residence, following their 14-day stay-home notice at dedicated stay-home notice facilities from April 22, 2021, 11:59pm,” the ministry said.

They will be tested after their 14-day stay-home notice period, as per current requirements, and again after the seven-day stay-home notice period.

"Travellers who have yet to complete their 14-day stay-home notice by April 22, 2021, 11:59pm, will also be subjected to the additional seven-day stay-home period," the ministry said..

"Migrant workers arriving from India in the construction, marine and process sectors will continue to be subjected to a 21-day stay-home notice. These measures will minimize importation risks and protect public health."