Shopping Festival close with exhibitors see less income

The 2022 Hong Kong Brands and Products Shopping Festival organized by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong closed the curtain on Monday, with exhibitors receiving fewer customers than last year.

On the last day of the fair's four-day period, exhibitors offered special promotions to attract customers to spend. Some claimed there is a drop of 50 percent in customers for this year's fair.

"Most of the customers have already spent all their consumption voucher, which was issued in August," said an exhibitor surnamed Ho, noting the purchasing power this year did not meet his expectation.

"The worst day in last year's sales performance was better than the best day of this year," he added.

Due to the social distancing rules, no food tasting arrangements were provided at the venue this year. Visitors holding an amber or red health code were banned from entering the fair.