Ng uploaded pictures of him in a black suit with his girlfriend Charlotte on Instagram on Sunday morning, saying his girlfriend of six and a half years had said yes to his proposal.

The top badminton player in Hong Kong proposed to her at Conrad Hong Kong on Saturday, when typhoon signal number eight was hoisted for 22 hours during tropical storm Lionrock.

Ng said that it was a successful surprise, and that Charlotte "couldn't guess I was gonna propose until right before the ceremony."

"I couldn't believe that you (Charlotte) said yes even when I stuttered so much," Ng said.

Ng said he ran into a lot of problems before the proposal.

"Organizing this under typhoon signal No.8 really scared me. What we have planned for long was almost ruined by the weather," he said.

He also thanked to his girlfriend's friends for preparing the surprise with him, and also the hotel, florist and the company that lent him the suit for making him look handsome during the proposal.