Two schools – Good Hope Primary School and Pooi To Primary School – had installed security cameras in classrooms for years without parents knowing it, according to an online report on Friday.

The report added that the two schools didn't follow the relevant guidelines and inform students they are under CCTV surveillance in classrooms with a notice.

Speaking in a radio program today, Yeung said there are established guidelines from the Education Bureau for schools to follow. When setting up CCTV in classrooms, schools must fulfill requirements and follow instructions under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance as well, Yeung said.

Schools should also communicate with parents and relevant stakeholders before making any decisions, he added.

“We are now inquiring the schools over the incident, and there will be appropriate arrangements made”, Yeung said.

He also commented on the attack in Causeway Bay, saying the incident is heartbreaking. He added society should condemn the attack to clearly state that such action will never be tolerated.

Students should also be taught to support and respect police officers, as well as the importance of life, that one should never hurt himself or others.