Public housing tenants unable to pay rent to see evictions deferred another 6 months

The Hong Kong Housing Authorities announced on Thursday to grant public housing tenants six more months to stay, until June this year, even if they could not pay their rent in arrears. 

According to the authority, tenants in public housing who have short-term financial difficulty paying rent may submit an application to ask for a grace period between January and June this year.

The Authority will temporarily withhold issuing a Notice-to-Quit to the tenants concerned during the period if their applications are approved.

The new arrangements originated from the Authority's announcement to grant public housing tenants a rent-deferred period between May and October 2020, after which the Authority extended the measure five more times until December last year.

Separately, the Authority has been offering help to eligible tenants who suffered short-term financial difficulties, by assisting with 25 to 50 percent of the rental amount, granted for a two-year period under the “Rent Assistance Scheme” project.

When there is an increase in their household income or a change in the number of family members, according to the Authority, beneficiaries of the scheme should be provided with a review of their eligibility.