Ye Houxin pleaded guilty to indecent conduct towards children under 16, outraging public decency, disorder in public places, possessing and making child pornography, as well as three counts of indecent assault. The offenses involved a total of five girls, including four aged from 9 to 16 and a fifth unidentified one.

He admitted that between May and September last year, he filmed himself masturbating in front of a nine-year-old girl at Tsz Ching Estate in Tsz Wan Shan.

During that period he also touched the breasts of two girls aged 12 and 16 at Shek Lei (II) Estate in Kwai Chung, claiming he was taking photo of the school crest on their uniforms. He also touched the chest of a 13-year-old girl and lifted her school dress to take photos, using the same excuse.

Deputy district judge Kathie Cheung Kit-yee sentenced him in West Kowloon magistrates' courts on Thursday, despite the case being a District Court one.

Cheung pointed out that indecent assault is a serious offense and the involvement of underage children made its nature more serious.

There are factors that call for a heavy sentence, including the age difference of 10 to 20 years between Ye and the victims. Ye also took the initiative and spoke to the girls to catch them off guard, and committed the crime multiple times within a short time range, Cheung added.

She continued that Ye terrified a nine-year-old girl as he masturbated in front of the girl and shot a 25-second video. She believed his crime must have lasted longer than the length of video.

Cheung referred to the photos and videos produced by Ye as well, among which some are level four child pornography articles, showing sexual intercourse between adults and children, children with their hands tied and group sex.

Ye's crimes encouraged the shameless child pornography industry and therefore the court must hand down a stiff sentence, Cheung noted.

In mitigation, the defense counsel said Ye thanked police after the arrest and told them “I don't know what I will turn into if the police had not arrested me in time.” Ye added he felt ashamed and couldn't face his brother who is a police officer, worrying the case will stop him from being promoted.