Even something as small as a piece of chocolate can be used as bait, Tang told reporters this afternoon. He said some prisoners had hoped to continue resistance, even in jail. They also planned to incite hatred toward the government among inmates.

Some organizations sent letters to prisoners, telling them to continue their fight. Lawmakers or district councilors also took advantages of their role and brought messages in and out of the prison, he said.

Tang described such acts as sowing the seeds of endangering national security and slammed the people behind such acts for disturbing prisoners who treasure their opportunities for rehabilitation.

The chief said some inmates had challenged how the prisons are managed, started acts of disobedience and “abused” the complaint system.

His comments came several days after the Correctional Services Department cracked down on inmate unrest at Lo Wu Correctional Institution and investigated inmates, including former district councilor Tiffany Yuen Ka-wai.