Ex-Offenders Find Employment in Record Numbers

The Ministry of Justice has reported an increase in the number of ex-offenders finding employment after being released from prison.

In the year to March 2023, 640 prisoners found employment within six weeks of release, an increase from 487 the previous year.

Additionally, 715 prisoners were in work after six months, up from 573 and 394 two years ago.

The government has implemented "job centres" and links with big businesses, which have helped ex-offenders find employment.

This has been successful in reducing the re-offending rate by 9%.

The Ministry of Justice has also launched a pilot scheme allowing journalists and the public to attend hearings in the Court of Protection, where judges analyse issues relating to sick and vulnerable people.

Additionally, the government has introduced mandatory mediation for separating couples instead of court, with the aim of achieving better outcomes for separating families.

Finally, the Ministry of Justice has introduced tougher sentences for domestic killers with a history of coercive or controlling behaviour.