The Authority earlier believed that the episode that aired on February 14, 2020 insulted police and misled the public, as it failed to express a sufficiently broad range of views.

The RTHK Program Staff Union and the Journalists Association later appealed against the Authority's finding, hoping it would be overthrown by the court.

Two comedy sketches were included in that episode. In the first one, a host acted as a doctor and spoke of medical staffs' industrial action, and another character responded “Doctor, you should voice out your concern early if you do not have enough face masks, as there is a lot of surplus stock for constables.”

In the second, actor Wong He, dressed in police uniform and with his hands and neck wrapped with rubbish bags, emerged out of a rubbish bin said “Beat patrols have now been abolished, thus reducing the chance of exposure to open air to nearly zero while on duty.” Wong then returned to the bin.

The finding that the police comedy sketch breached TV program code by insulting and denigrating police will stand, the High Court ruled.

However, the court overthrew the finding that the two comedy sketches breached the TV program code for failing to express a sufficiently broad range of views and providing accurate program content.

The judge suggested the Authority not to remit the matters for fresh consideration, as that the show had been suspended and it probably would not be revived in the future.

Remitting the matters would serve no practical purpose, but whether the Authority wishes to do so is a matter for them, the judge added.