Police, after investigation, raided a residential building in Tuen Mun at 4.30am on Thursday. Officers in the operation found 73 fake identity cards, eight forged driving licenses and nine home return permits that belong to others.

An identity that belongs to another person and small amount of suspected methamphetamine, commonly known as “ice”, was found as well.

Two men and two women, aged from 25 to 45, were arrested for possession of forged identity cards, possession of identity cards that belong to other people, possession of a false document and possession of a dangerous drug.

They were remanded by the police. One man was already charged with possession of forged identity cards and possession of a dangerous drug. He will appear in Sha Tin Magistrates' Court tomorrow.

Police said these identity cards were involved in at least 11 fraud cases worth over HK$800,000. Officers added that they will continue to investigate where these forged identity cards come from.