Police arrest 'turtle thrower' on suspicion of animal abuse

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A man was arrested this morning for throwing turtles onto the street. One of the turtles got run over by a passing bus and died at the scene, while the other survived.

Two adult red-eared sliders were dropped from a high place near Friendship Mansion, located on Hennessy Road, at around 8 am on Tuesday.

The one that fell onto the sidewalk survived the fall, but the other hapless turtle was run over by a bus.

Police arrested an 83-year-old tenant, surnamed Kwok, suspected of animal abuse. Officers also seized a pet box and some turtle feed for further investigation.

One of the witnesses stated he saw two turtles suddenly fall on the streets. He added that he could have saved the one that fell into the road but was stopped by other pedestrians, causing the turtle to get run over by the bus.

He assumed that the turtles were being thrown as there was no chance that someone could put the turtles next to the window. He confessed that it was regretful that one of the turtles died since he thought all lives were precious.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals later picked up both turtles.