Plastic waste still an issue despite fewer packets distributed: Greeners Action

Greeners Action said on Thursday that plastic pollution remains one of the most pressing environmental issues despite supermarkets in Hong Kong handing out fewer plastic bags since the HK$1 plastic bag levy took place.

The green group said they have investigated fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets and found up to 76 percent of the fresh produce sold were plastic wrapped.

Among the fresh produce, all grapes, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and sweet potatoes were seen wrapped in plastic, it noted.

Meanwhile, the group said since the HK$1 plastic bag levy took place, the amount of plastic bags distributed at supermarkets has dropped by up to 89 percent, which is far more than the 25 percent anticipated by authorities.

Beatrice Siu Wing-yin, the group’s senior public affairs officer, said they have noticed under the new HK$1 plastic bag levy scheme, most supermarkets were cooperative and no longer had plastic bags placed in a prominent position for citizens to take.

However, Siu said their investigation found some supermarket staff still proactively provide customers with plastic bags.

Meanwhile, the group urged authorities to further increase the plastic bag levy to HK$2 and impose more restrictions on plastic consumption.