The East Rail Line cross harbor extension will open to the public tomorrow (Sun) and the ridership of buses is expected to drop after the extension kicks in.

The survey was conducted by Joint Concern Group on Public Transport Planning upon Railway Commencement, a group comprised of 16 district concern groups on public transportation. They interviewed a total of 1,804 residents living in Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong, earlier this month

Results showed that over 90 percent of respondents said they could not accept cutting the frequency of buses.

Meanwhile, over 65 percent who take the bus or ferry to work on Hong Kong Island said it is unlikely for them to switch to the East Rail Line in the future.

The survey also revealed that over 80 percent of respondents disagreed that East Rail Line extension would be enough to improve the cross-harbor traffic.

The concern group then pointed out that buses have their own advantages and slammed the Transport Department for not fully understanding citizens’ needs before the extension opens to the public.

The group called on the department to discuss with the bus companies over the issue and come up with a solution that answer to people’s transportation needs in the districts.