Over 230 hygiene black spots in HK cleaned: govt

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Authorities have conducted cleaning activities at over 230 hygiene black spots across the territory in a government-initiated city-wide cleanup drive.

The Home Affairs Department said on Friday that its 18 District Offices had been conducting a series of cleaning operations and publicity work in support of the Government Programme on Tackling Hygiene Black Spots launched by the District Matters Co-ordination Task Force.

The cleaning operations and publicity work were launched in a bid to tackle hygiene black spots and enhance community engagement to improve the cityscape of Hong Kong.

From July to October this year, authorities have conducted cleaning activities, including those in coordination with other departments, at over 230 hygiene black spots across the territory.

The operations have seen the removal of abandoned vehicles at more than 100 public back alleys, resulting in the removal of 290 abandoned vehicles during the period, according to the department.

The department also said the District Offices have arranged cleaning services for common areas at over 1,200 "three-nil" buildings, in order to demonstrate good building management and promote the message of keeping buildings and the environment clean.

Three-nil buildings refer to buildings that do not have owners' corporations or any form of residents' organizations, or do not engage property management companies.

The department said it will continue to take forward environmental improvement measures with relevant departments to build a clean and hygienic environment.

“The Government appeals for the joint efforts of members of the public to enhance the city's environmental hygiene and cityscape,” it added.