Over 12,000 fans sign online petition for safety measures at Mirror's concert

An online petition voicing concerns on safety issues involved in Cantopop group Mirror's concerts collected more than 12,000 signatures as of Wednesday evening.

This came after the group's first two Coliseum concerts saw safety issues, while one of the members even got injured in a stage accident.

At one of the concerts when Anson Kong Ip-sang was dancing on top of a platform, the platform suddenly shook violently and Anson almost fall off. Netizens left messages saying it was unacceptable that there was no fence or safety belt on the platform.

In addition, many clips showed that the stage was sunken when the 12 were dancing and that the narrow stage made them keep looking at the floor with every step they took. The long bridge in the center of the stage was also seen shaking.

On the second night of the performance, Frankie Chan Sui-fai got injured after falling off the edge of the stage. Although he suffered minor injuries, fans said they were "scared to death."

Some mirror fans then launched an online petition on Tuesday night, calling on concerns about the safety issues.

The petition collected more than 12,000 signatures as of 6.30pm, while many commented that they would like the organizer to pay attention to safety issues.