Organizers unhappy with barring amber code holders from exhibitions

Amber code holders pose a higher risk when taking public transportations or entering malls than participating in exhibitions, organizers said, as they urged the government to provide a clear schedule on abolishing hotel quarantine.

Hong Kong authority announced that quarantine duration for arrivals would ease from Friday, and they would be issued a red or amber health code to identify their health status.

During the four-day surveillance after completing the quarantine at the hotel, uninfected arrivals are allowed to go outside but are restricted from “activities in high-risk areas”. This includes all people, excepting staff members, not being allowed to participate in exhibitions.

Lee Chi-sang, director of an exhibition organizing company, said in a radio program that he found it unreasonable to bar amber-coded people from participating in the exhibition.

He said the risk posed by them taking public transport or entering shopping malls was higher than participating in exhibitions, hoping the government could make improvements as soon as possible.

He also said most foreign countries have abolished entry quarantine requirements. Given that those who come to Hong Kong also have to be isolated in the hotel for three days, the city's attractiveness to overseas exhibitors was still insufficient.

He called on the government to explain the schedule of canceling hotel quarantine to allow the industry to prepare in advance.

The Health Bureau replied to the media on Wednesday night that it was aware that some exhibitions only involve business activities and will not be open to the public.

The government will consider the risk of virus transmission, economic needs, and other factors to study whether there is room to further facilitate these activities.