Online payment platforms offer various rewards upon consumption voucher collection

Online payment platforms launched different offers to attract new users, as the second batch of HK$5,000 consumption vouchers is to be distributed in August.

Together with two new online payment platforms, BoC Pay and PayMe, users could choose to collect their vouchers via a total of six platforms, including Alipay Hong Kong, Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK.

AlipayHK announced that it would offer rewards to its users, giving away a total of over HK$3 billion in merchant discounts.

Registered users could enjoy HK$210 in reward, while new users who chose to switch to or first use AlipayHK for receiving the vouchers could get an extra HK$25 after successful registrations.

At the same time, users could also enjoy over HK$3 billion worth of food, entertainment and shopping discounts, covering over 90 percent of merchants in Hong Kong.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited will offer a total of HK$40 million worth of rewards to those who choose to receive the vouchers through PayMe, including discount coupons and a lucky draw where participants have the chance to win luxury electric cars or the latest electronic products.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) said that every eligible citizen who registered to receive the vouchers with BoC Pay could enjoy HK$100 cash reward and over HK$15,000 merchant privileges. They could also make purchases at 70,000 online and physical outlets in Hong Kong.

Tap & Go said that all users could enjoy Tap & Go x Edan Limited, that is, csl 5G Experience Pack (valued at HK$2,055) and the "Edan Collection Set" if they received the second batch of vouchers with Tap & Go.

WeChat Pay HK said will roll out further details this week, adding that it will launch a number of new offers in the “Enhanced Edition” to encourage active use of consumer vouchers to promote a speedy economic recovery.