Off-duty anti-triad cop caught visiting a prostitute in anti-vice operation

A police officer posted to the Wong Tai Sin district anti-triad unit was caught visiting a prostitute during an anti-vice operation by Yau Tsim district special duties team on Monday night.

It was understood that the cop involved was off duty at the time, and police's senior management were angered by the news as it would damage the reputation of the force.

Replying to media inquiries, police confirmed the officer involved is now under investigations and disciplinary proceedings have been initiated.

A police spokesperson said investigations are ongoing and the force highly value the conduct and discipline of officers. Any officer who breaks the law will not be tolerated and the case will be handled in a serious manner, the spokesperson added.

Under local laws, it is legal to visit a prostitute or to provide sexual services. Yet, controlling others for prostitution is an offense that could lead to a maximum penalty of 14 years' imprisonment.