According to the latest forecast, the track of Severe Tropical Storm Conson is expected to be further away from Hong Kong in the next couple of days, and the impact on the local winds will be lower than previously expected.

However, the observatory reminded members of the public there will be swells in the next few days.

At noon, Conson was centered about 510 kilometers East-Southeast of Xisha. It is forecast to move west-northwest at about 18 km per hour across the central part of the South China Sea.

Meanwhile, Super Typhoon Chanthu is expected to move towards Taiwan and Luzon Strait in the next couple of days. Its associated subsiding air will bring very hot weather to southern China.

High temperatures will also trigger showers and squally thunderstorms.

According to the forecast track, it will enter 800 kilometers of Hong Kong the coming Monday.

The observatory that both Conson and Chanthu were over 1,000 kilometers apart, with a low chance of them interacting against each other.