The development is also among the first ones in Hungary that reached such an achievement. Nordic Light Trio obtained WELL after receiving LEED Gold environmental certification and the Access4you Gold accessibility certification.

“We are very proud that Nordic Light Trio is among the first WELL-certified buildings in Hungary. WELL standards gave the industry a compass to build human-centered offices. When people see the WELL seal on the entrance of the building, they feel confident knowing the space they’re entering is putting their health first. We will continue to work for the benefit of people who are using our buildings and we aim to follow the highest standards within our projects," said András Ábrahám, project director of Skanska’s commercial development business unit in Hungary.

The building has a highly effective ventilation and air filtration system with microbe and mold control, water quality is also constantly controlled and monitored. The optimal lighting conditions are ensured by the building's electric light glare control. The offices are designed to provide a pleasant temperature all year round and create a calm, noise-free environment for work. Skanska used carefully selected quality materials during the construction.

Nordic Light Trio offers various amenities, including a cozy Scandinavian lobby, as well as a cafe with a connection to the spacious garden with plenty of greenery suitable for work and relaxation. The property features a passageway reachable also by bike while building users arriving on bicycles can leave their bikes in a safe storage and have a shower after commuting to work.

The building has seven floors and offers 14,000 sqm total leasable area of class “A” office accommodation and a green public garden of 2,400 sqm.