None injured as rooftop panels fall at Siu Hong station

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Two white metallic panels fell from the rooftop of Siu Hong MTR station after being accidentally hit by a four-meter-long wooden stick carried by a man taking the escalator.

The long wooden stick even got jammed between the rooftop and the escalator, according to photos online.

The incident was reported to police around 1pm Thursday. After preliminary investigations, police found the man was carrying four four-meter-long wooden sticks at the time. The case was listed as property damage.

Luckily, none was injured by the two fallen panels. The affected area was cordoned off.

MTR said staff members immediately paused the operation of that escalator after the incident. Later, they contacted that man and issued a Notice of Intention to Prosecute.

The C3 exit of the train station has reopened after confirmed safety and train services remain normal.