"Nominees are advised to submit their nominations as early as possible to allow time to correct mistakes, if any, in the nomination forms before the deadline," a spokesman for the Office said.

The Legislative Council General Election will be held on December 19. A total of 90 members, with 20 from geographical constituencies, 30 from functional constituencies and 40 from the Election Committee constituency, will be returned.

"To run for a seat in a geographical constituency, a functional constituency or the Election Committee constituency, a nominee must be a registered geographical constituency elector aged 21 or above. He or she must also have ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for the three years immediately preceding the date of his or her nomination, and must be a Chinese citizen who is a Hong Kong permanent resident with no right of abode in a foreign country," the spokesman said.

However, the candidature in 12 functional constituencies is open to Hong Kong permanent residents who are not Chinese citizens or who have the right of abode in a foreign country. These constituencies are legal; accountancy; engineering; architectural, surveying, planning and landscape; real estate and construction; tourism; commercial (first); industrial (first); finance; financial services; import and export; and insurance.

For the geographical constituency election, each nominee needs to be subscribed by at least 100 but not more than 200 registered electors of the constituency concerned, while each nominee for the functional constituency election must be subscribed by at least 10 but not more than 20 registered electors of the constituency concerned.

Nominees for either of the two constituency election, along with nominees for the Election Committee constituency election, will also have to be subscribed by at least 10 but not more than 20 members of the Election Committee, which must include at least two but not more than four members from each of the five sectors of the Election Committee.

Authorities also added that the Candidate Eligibility Review Committee may require the candidate to furnish any other information that the Committee considers appropriate to be satisfied that the candidate is eligible to be nominated as a candidate or otherwise as to the validity of the nomination.