No deliveries for three hours as Deliveroo system crash

Food delivery platform Deliveroo saw a breakdown on Saturday as many customers said there was no driver assigned to their orders for about three hours.

Many citizens left messages on the app's social media page in the evening, saying that the system was suspected to be down. In addition, the app could not display the restaurant list, nor allow users to cancel their orders or contact customer service.

"I'm wondering if my order will arrive tonight?" a user said. "If not, shouldn't they let me know?"

"They even don't let me cancel my order," another added. "The outrageous is that it showed the order has arrived, but nothing is here and the customer service didn't pick up the phone."

One slammed Deliveroo as irresponsible, "It's alright if the system was down. They should have informed us and explained the situation to let users decide if they gonna wait or not, rather than waiting for the problem to be solved on its own."

Another user said he has wait for someone to answer the phone for more than an hour, and there was no one on the app chat as well.

He added that he only receive the order after three hours, urging the company to give him the money back.

Deliveroo did not have an official announcement upon the incident as of Sunday afternoon.