Nearly 1 in 4 young Hongkongers from low-income families ‘lying flat’: survey

Findings show 23 per cent of 100 young people polled have taken to lying flat, but three in five respondents do not want to do so and some say working hard can bring hope.

Nearly one in four young Hongkongers from low-income families have taken to “lying flat”, or doing the bare minimum to get by, with some saying they feel hopeless about the future, a survey has found.

The poll, conducted by the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) from February to May, found 23 per cent of 100 young Hongkongers interviewed opted to lie flat, a phenomenon that swept mainland China last year in which young people reject the rat race and hard work, preferring to earn only enough for their basic needs.

The findings, released on Sunday, showed that the reasons for young Hongkongers to lie flat included choosing to do so of their own accord, being satisfied with the status quo, adapting to the social environment, and having no hope for the future.