MTR apologizes over Hung Hom tragedy, pledges installation of motion sensors in accessible toilets

The MTR Corporation on Sunday apologized for the queries aroused from the Hung Hom tragedy and pledged to install motion detectors in its accessible toilets.

The news came hours after the family of a 66-year-old man - who was found dead inside an accessible toilet in Hung Hom Station last Wednesday - held a press conference this morning accusing the railway operator of negligence.

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The railway operator said in a statement that it has decided to conduct an internal investigation on the case handling, including a review of all the details from the receipt of call for assistance, and whether the guidelines and procedures of the corporation have been strictly followed by staff and related personnel.

“We take the case seriously and will maintain communication with the family of the concerned male passenger to give an early account of the case, as well as providing appropriate assistance to the family,” the statement wrote.

Separately, the MTR corporation also apologized for the queries aroused from the case, including the case handling and communications of the case on the day.

“At this stage, we are committed to completing the investigation as early as possible and will take follow-up actions and improvements to protocol seriously according to the investigation findings. Relevant information such as CCTV footages will also be kept if needed,” it noted.

Meanwhile, the statement added that motion detectors will be installed in over 90 accessible toilets along the MTR network within three months to avoid recurrence of similar incidents.

“The motion detectors will send out [an] alarm automatically if the toilet user has remained static for a while,” it read.