Monkeypox vaccination scheme to commence next month

Hong Kong’s Monkeypox Vaccination Programme for high-risk groups will commence on October 5, with registration open from October 3, according to the Department of Health.

Under the program, people from high-risk target groups can receive monkeypox vaccination on a voluntary basis.

They include individuals with high risk sexual practices, such as those with multiple sexual partners, sex workers, and those history of sexually transmitted infection within the past 12 months.

Healthcare workers responsible for caring of patients with confirmed monkeypox, laboratory personnel working with zoonotic pox viruses, and animal care personnel with high risk of exposure in case of monkeypox occurrence in animals in Hong Kong can also get the jab.

Starting from October 5, the opportunistic vaccination will be provided at the department's six Social Hygiene Service Clinics and its Integrated Treatment Centre in Kowloon Bay, as well as the Hospital Authority's Special Medical Clinics at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.

The department has also set up two designated centers at Yau Ma Tei Jockey Club Polyclinic and Tang Chi Ngong Specialist Clinic in Wan Chai for other high-risk target groups to get vaccinated.

Individuals under the high-risk target group who wish to get vaccinated can make a booking by email ( or by phone (2547 1900) from October 3.

Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health will provide vaccination for its respective staff at high risk of exposure starting from September 26.

According to the recommendation by a government vaccine panel, a two-dose regime is required while those who have received smallpox vaccine will only need one dose. It is expected about 120,000 individuals can receive vaccination under the program.