A Mexican cocktail bar has launched a new initiative for those pining after their favourite drinking spot.

Maverick, a bar in Monterrey, has put the aptly named “I Miss My Bar” player online.

Found here, the player allows any listener to play the sounds familiar from any bar – the noise of a bartender mixing drinks, the murmur of a happy crowd, that satisfying pop as a bottle is opened or the crack of a can as a drink is poured.

There are also the sound of cars driving by on the street outside and, perhaps most necessary for Londoners wishing they were in their local, the sound of rain on windows.

All of the effects can be played together, with mixers to control the volume – so the imaginary table next door don’t have to be a bother.

Maverick also have popped up a Spotify playlist which can be played alongside all the effects, so listening along really does feel, gloriously, like being back in a bar. Without the music, the site is something like ASMR with a great slug of added booze.

If rumours that bars won’t be back until May are true, I Miss My Bar might be the comfort blanket those desperately missing a night out need.