Miracles Amidst The Rubble: Stories of Survival Emerge After Devastating Turkey-Syria Earthquake"

Five days after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, leaving almost 25,000 dead, rescue workers are still searching for survivors amidst the rubble.

Despite freezing weather, stories of survival continue to emerge, such as a 70-year-old woman who was rescued from the rubble in Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the earthquake. A two-year-old girl was also found alive after 123 hours, and a pregnant woman was rescued on Friday.

"Grief Turned To Rage: Mass Burials, Desperate Need For Aid After Turkey's Worst Disaster In Nearly A Century"

Families in southern Turkey are grieving the loss of their loved ones at a cemetery that has been transformed from a cotton field.

he United Nations has warned that at least 870,000 people are in urgent need of hot meals, and up to 5.3 million people may have been made homeless in Syria alone.

Turkish and international rescue workers are working around the clock, but clashes between groups have led to the suspension of rescue operations in Hatay by 82 Austrian soldiers.

The UN is urging all actors in the affected area to allow humanitarian access, and the Turkish government is working on opening two new routes into rebel-held parts of Syria.

The earthquake and the government's response have sparked outrage, with the country's worst disaster in nearly a century coming just months before a presidential election.