Minibus driver shows he is a master of cool

A minibus driver who was the target of an alleged intimidation attempt by what is believed to be an alleged gang member in Cheung Sha Wan on Friday has turned out to possibly be the most highly-educated minibus driver in the city, having read transport policy and planning for his master's degree at the University of Hong Kong.

That came after a clip showing a Porsche driver claiming to be a triad member scolding and intimidating a minibus driver went viral online.

The 47-year-old car owner was arrested at Kai Ching Estate, Ngau Tau Kok, at the weekend, while the driver who claimed to be a triad member is still at large.

The minibus driver, Li, is also the founder of the minibus service operator Auf Nachfrage Bus.

Li has declined requests for an interview, citing the case is still before the courts.

But he did insist he did not post the clip online and that he does not easily get angry when he drives.

A colleague said Li is not too troubled by the incident and now works in the office to focus on customer services.

Li read civil engineering for his undergraduate degree at HKU and served as a transportation engineer for two years before going on to do his master's.

He went to work in Brunei studying its transportation system and planning for two years and returned to start AN Bus in 2019.

Li turned his experience into a book, entitled A Big Change in Red Minibuses: From Traditional to Innovative, getting him the nickname "Master Minibus Driver."

AN Bus offers WhatsApp seat reservation service for all its minibus routes, and passengers can pay for it with PayMe, making AN Bus the first minibus operator to accept PayMe for bus fares in Hong Kong.

In 2019, when asked why he chose to enter the non-schedule minibus industry, Li said he found great potential in it and wanted to bring in innovation and technology.

"It is difficult to start a business in Hong Kong," he said. "There is nothing I can lose except for my time and savings. I will not regret if I try my best, and I am afraid I will regret if I do not opt in now."

Li said he joined the industry to change the negative public image of minibus drivers and that he treats his passengers politely, by saying "Hello," or "Be careful."