Mexico in Tragedy as Police Find 45 Bags of Human Remains in Guadalajara

In Mexico, the search for seven missing young workers at a call center ended in tragedy as police discovered 45 bags containing human remains in a suburb of Guadalajara.

The city is known to be rampant with drug cartel activity, including crimes of disappearance.

The Jalisco state prosecutor's office stated that the search for the missing workers is still ongoing, but it is unclear whether the remains belong to the seven workers.

The discovery was made in a 40-meter-deep ravine with difficult access, and police coordinated with civil protection forces to extract the bags containing evidence.

Forensic personnel are at the scene to determine the number of possible victims and to identify them.

The preliminary report suggests that the 45 bags contain the remains of both men and women.

Mexico has been plagued by drug-related violence and crimes of disappearance, with over 100,000 people reported missing since 2006.

The discovery of the bags is a grim reminder of the ongoing violence in the country.

The search for the missing workers continues as the families of the victims mourn the loss of their loved ones.



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